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    "Just want to share that healthy eating (not dieting) and great cardio have made for a killer combination for me. Dropped 12 pounds since I started spinning (about 6 weeks) and most importantly my blood sugar has dropped 100 points. Best cardio workout for me :) I love Rachel and her team. Thank you!"  

    Laura, Spin Studio Lover


    "Awesome class and fabulous instructor!! I was a little nervous about standing the entire time, but it wasn't bad at all! And the lights off and blacklight ambiance was great!"

    Kristin, Marathon Runner


    "First class done! Amazing bikes, amazing instructor, amazing North Scottsdale location!"

    Greg, Weight Lifter


    "I love that the interval breaks are done in the dark so no one can see if you need to take a rest!"

    Selena, Mother


    "Best spin studio I have ever been to...Great energy."

    Julie, Stylist

Great place! My husband and I found rpm and were both pleasantly surprised.  The owner goes out of her way to introduce herself and the instructor was very energetic!
Love it! I was nervous about it about doing spin but it Made me feel better knowing this was not a stuffy place! The music seems to be hip hop too mixed in withthe throwbacks.

I would definitely give it a try!!!

- Katie L


"In my busy, stress-filled life RPM is the perfect escape.  For one hour, it's just you and the bike and pedaling to the rhythm of some great beats.  You leave glistening with sweat, actually Smiling, and craving your next ride. 


It's perfect for Any type of rider.  As a new rider, it took me about 5 classes to really get in the groove, attaining the new concept - but it Does get easier and just makes you work that much harder to get it down.  The instructors are motivating, and the atmosphere drives you to pedal harder (but you're not afraid to recover as the lights drop to black).  You can watch your form in the mirror the entire time, otherwise.  I swear, 10 classes starts to transform your whole body.


I've done all types of workouts: marathons, yoga, crossfit, barre, bootcamps, etc.  Nothing compares - it's a blast and the Ultimate fat burner.  All 10 instructors are different, but all have great music and energy and you are guaranteed to get a great workout in every time!"


- Jessie, Marathon Runner



"I had an excellent time at your new facility.  I thought the instructor was fun and gave a very vigorous workout.  Done a lot of spin and on a level of difficulty it was an 8 out of 10. Couple things of note... I liked the darkness. Made for an interesting experience.  


The bikes are awesome and new.  Liked that. The fact that there was no time in the saddle was a first for me.  At soul cycle I have always had time in the saddle.  This made for a much much harder workout. Loved the dancing but I always think that they should be in combos of 4. All in all amazing and great.  I loved it. Back to NYC tomorrow!"


- Larry, Soul Cycler



"My friend and I LOVED the class yesterday evening. Such a fantastic instructor - beyond helpful, making us feel less intimidated while attending a new studio. We have been raving about the studio to all of the girls at work and I was able to have 2 of them agree to attend a class with us next week. I plan on purchasing the 30 day special. Thanks for making me love spin again! :)"


- Kate, Back on the Bike



"My goodness, I had a blast!  "When I arrived in spite of the rush in the lobby, I was warmly greeted and taken care of in a timely manner. The sincere reception made me feel less intimidated (as a TRUE beginner). 

Class was definitely a challenge, but the glowing view of myself in sync with the upbeat cadence of the room kept me moving. I really enjoyed our warm up song, Michael Jackson's thriller, and would like to continue to hear moreupbeat pop songs in the future ("Happy" Pharelle, "Scream & Shout" Will.I.Am). Also, I heard you could sign up for class online & I know you can request songs through email - super pumped to hear 'my song' come on during class!"

- Miranda, True Beginner



"This was an amazing class! Great instructor, nice mix of music variety & tempo beats..I loved it. I just it wished it was in LA (I was visiting my friend while in AZ), but will certainly share my great experience with others I know of in AZ that should come check it out."


- Olivia, LA Loves RPM



"It was like a dance party on the bike! Being in the dark you can really get into your own ride, but also feel like your in a group setting which is motivational! Loved it and would recommend it to anyone!"

- Kelsey, Avid Athlete



"Love this studio...the neon and black lights, the darkness during recoveries, and THE BIKES! These bikes are amazing. Brand new Pro LeMond with computers to monitor heart rate and calories burned, etc. Sooo cool. Tremendous job!"

- Diane, Personal Trainer



"I really enjoyed my first spin class!  The instructor was helpful afterward, as well as I had questions about cycling, eating clean, and getting signed up.  I'm definitely going to take advantage of the promotion!"

- Avanlee, New Rider



"Great class last night! Instructions clear and loved the bike. It has been 2 years and 15 pounds since my last ride and though it was tough, it wasn't intimidating and I felt like a million bucks after completing the class. All ready signed up again!"

- Laura, Back on the Bike


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"Lights out, Great music, Amazing ride, I'm ADDICTED!"

- Jamie, Long & Lean




"Best spin studio I have ever been to...Great energy."

- Julie, Stylist


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