Matt Winburn

Even though Matt is a classically trained Medical Physicist, his passion for cycling runs much deeper than a quantum dot. Music is his first love, so naturally, pairing cycling and music has amplified his passion to teach spin at RPM. Matt’s bass heavy playlist will rock your seat and keep you in step with the funky rhythm to enjoy a calorie depleting victory lap…if you dare. Matt is new to the team, so please let him welcome you to his hybrid class.

Matt is the Chief Medical Physicist at Arizona Prostate Cancer Center, and he is also a health coach with Herbalife. His focus outside of RPM is dedicated to men’s health and fitness. He earned his Master’s degree in Medical Physics at SUNY Stony Brook University in New York, and has been an advocate of preventative disease ever since in the form of exercise and nutrition.

Matt Winburn instructs the following:
  • RPM Spin - Hybrid
  • A happenin' hybrid mix of both standing and seated riding, while also targeting core and upper body!