Loren Marson

Born and raised right here in Scottsdale, Loren has been involved in dance and fitness since she was a little tyke. Staying active and healthy was ingrained in Loren at a young age, which is what prompted her to seek a career in the fitness industry. Loren is a certified fitness and cycle instructor, who is also certified in multiple formats, which allows her to teach various fitness classes weekly. Teaching cycle is her favorite because she loves riding to hot beats that radiate a powerful and uplifting energy. Loren taught middle and high school for ten years, but stepped away from the classroom when she became a mommy. With a love for teaching in her heart, she continues to teach fitness classes, because she is passionate about fitness and teaching. She feels blessed to be able to change lives and inspire others through fitness!

Loren’s cycle class is no joke, because she will push you through a HIIT style workout that’s guaranteed to always provide an empowering challenge! Be prepared to run, sprint and climb, all while rocking out to your favorite jams. When you leave, Loren wants to know you torched those calories and see you drenched in sweat! Bring you’re A game for a class that’s guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Loren Marson is currently not instructing any classes.