Lindsay Wadleigh

Lindsay began cycling in 2013 after a running-related injury left her in need of some cardio. She quickly decided that teaching is her calling. Her favorite thing about riding is the community of people—we all have our reasons why we ride, but we’re brought together with bumpin’ beats and party lights! Lindsay has Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that affects the lungs and causes difficulty breathing. When a clinical trial improved her symptoms in 2011, she traded her breathing therapies for running. She runs 6-10 half or full marathons a year, and has appeared in features for Runner’s World, the LA Times, and Everyday Health. A former dancer of 20 years, she LOVES to take her dance moves with her to the bike. When she’s not riding (or running), she’s probably watching a live penguin cam on her iPhone, eating in bed, or on a dancefloor somewhere.

Lindsay Wadleigh is currently not instructing any classes.