Jill Danielson

Jill found her passion for cycling when she started attending classes in 2011. She didn't consider herself very athletic at the time, but realized that by finding a workout she loved she could excel at it. She became a certified instructor and started with RPM Spin in 2014. She moved to Arizona from South Dakota in 2010 and is also a pharmacist and a mom. She hopes to inspire others to find a passion for spin by showing that a great workout can be a lot of fun.

Jill Danielson instructs the following:
  • RPM Spin - Drop Saddle
  • A style taught standing and riding to the beat of the music, blending intervals of sprints, jogs, and climbs to target the backside of the body (hamstrings, glutes) and sculpt the front (quad) muscles. A class runners are sure to love! Riders are, of course, free to sit at any time.