Jill Danielson

Jill is a newly certified instructor and has been regularly taking classes since 2011. She moved to Arizona from South Dakota in 2010 and also works as a Pharmacist. She is looking forward to taking the skills she has learned from attending classes and incorporating them into her own classes. She hopes her variety of upbeat music will not only motivate riders but provide a fun environment.

Jill Danielson instructs the following:
  • RPM Spin - Hybrid
  • A happenin' hybrid mix of both standing and seated riding, while also targeting core and upper body!

  • RPM Spin - Drop Saddle
  • A style taught standing and riding to the beat of the music, blending intervals of sprints, jogs, and climbs to target the backside of the body (hamstrings, glutes) and sculpt the front (quad) muscles. A class runners are sure to love! Riders are, of course, free to sit at any time.