About RPM Spin


RPM Spin is an independently owned drop-saddle studio where riders move to the beat and cycle standing using proper form. It's a fun and intense experience (plus, your tush will hurt no more)! This edgy environment offers a raw and rockin' eclectic mix of music with lighting effects that will drive you wild! Otherwise, it's a dark ride - and when the lights go out your class becomes a more personal experience as you control your tension on the bike (and the break you may need to take every so often).

New Riders - we will teach you! Seasoned Riders - we will always continue to challenge you! Walk in to an industrial, urban space that offers brand new, state-of-the-art equipment with 25 Pro LeMond series bikes with computers that sync to Polar. It's modern appeal as a boutique gym will keep North Scottsdale resident's fired up with energy to keep coming back in for more. Build incredible hamstring and gluteus maximus muscles while leaning out the quadricep portion of your leg in this specific riding style format.

Call your core to the floor, and engage your upper body all within an hour's workout. It's challenging endurance, superior strength-building, and is sure to make your pulse pound and your soul sweat... Come early so we can help you set up!

Perfect Cross-Training for:

  • Runners - lower impact & sure to offer that high plus keep feel-good endorphins flowing
  • Cross Fit - maybe there just wasn't enough straight-up cardio in today's workout
  • Road Bikers - come on indoors when the weather heats up or for a new challenge 
  • Yogis - sometimes you just need to switch it up or give yourself something to stretch out
  • Weight-Lifters - let us help you add some of that (dreaded) cardio into your regimen
  • Tri-Athletes - increase your stamina on the bike & target different muscles
  • Knee Problems - there is less pounding on joints with the circular motion

SWEAT. AT LEAST ONCE A DAY. Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme - TAKE IT TO THE REDLINE!!!


    "Rachel and Patrick are awesome. They have been great to work

    with at the studio!"

    Andrea, Web Designer


    "This is great cross-training for cyclists because it's such a different workout while you're still on a bike with a new, added challenge to it!"

    Andrea, Road Biker


    "The brand new LeMond Pro bikes are like riding on a cloud."

    Diane, Avid Spinner


    "Amazing first class! Loved it!! I'm so excited to start drop saddle cycling again."

    Kara, FIT tbd


    Class was great. Articulated so well & it's very easy to follow instruction.  

    Holly, Sports & Athletic Ambassador 


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